Announcement: The Summer 2017 session (HSSP) is currently underway. The materials from Fall 2016 are currently being prepared for publication on MIT OpenCourseWare (OCW). Please stay tuned.

The OCW materials will be here:

For my high school students: You cannot access Stellar, and that is okay. The OCW page linked above is better than Stellar.

For MIT undergrads: The accredited undergrad class is not happening in Fall 2017, but feel free to email me with questions about pharmacology, when this class may happen, and other MIT classes you might like.

In the Fall 2017 semester, I am hoping to host several one-off lectures and movie screenings. Add yourself to the DATB-Fun mailing list to receive the announcements.

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This website was made for the class ES.S10: Drugs and the Brain.

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OCW: All Materials from 2013

Stellar (Fall 2016)

Here are two Stellar websites from past iterations of the class, they have different materials and probably more material: Stellar (Fall 2014) and Stellar (Spring 2014, more complete).

DATB-Fun mailing list
Sign yourself up using the web form, or email datb-fun-owner (at) mit.youKnowTheRest. This low-traffic email list will announce drug-related movie nights, pharmacology lectures, and other educational and fun events on campus. Everyone is welcome to attend. There are usually free drug stickers and candy at all events.

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ESP Splash slides (fall 2013)