Announcement: The lottery is now open. The class starts in about two weeks. Sign up for the lottery here.

Updated: The lottery will remain open until at least August 27th, 2016, at 8 PM EDT. The class will almost certainly not occur on Wednesdays. Tuesdays look more likely than Mondays, but the decision will be made after the lottery closes.

This is optional, but you may want to add yourself to the DATB-Fun mailing list (sign up here for the mailing list).

More information about the class.

The class will run from 7 to 9 PM in the evening on one day each week. The day has not been chosen yet, you can vote when you sign up. It does not matter whether you preregister with the Registrar's Office, and preregistering is not the same as entering the lottery for a seat in the class.

This announcement was updated on 2016-08-26 at 6 PM.

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